Jewelry Care Instructions – GemBox Jewelry
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Our products come with an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee. However, we want you to be informed so that you get the most enjoyment possible from your purchase. Our products are created from the highest quality materials for producing fashion jewelry. Our jewelry is made to look and feel like fine jewelry at a tiny fraction of the cost of those expensive pieces. Fashion jewelry, even when made at the highest quality level such as ours, is not intended to be worn daily. To help you get the most enjoyment from our jewelry there are steps you can take. Below is a list of proper care procedures that we recommend:

  1. Follow this catchy phrase: "Last thing on, first thing off". Your jewelry should be the very last thing that you put on when getting dressed and the first thing off when you get home
  2. Avoid exposure to lotions, perfumes, makeup, hair product, and other chemicals and abrasives
  3. Do not shower or swim with your jewelry
  4. When not being worn, keep your jewelry in a dry and safe place
  5. To clean, use a mild soap and water and thoroughly dry the piece with a soft cloth.  We suggest a simple micro fiber cloth be used
  6. Do not use jewelry cleaner or chemically treated polishing cloths

Get the most from your purchase by taking proper care of your jewelry. Should you experience any issues, your purchase comes with a lifetime unconditional guarantee. Enjoy!